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Insubordinate Employees in the Work Environment

Three powerful reasons for firing a bad employee. Sample discipline letter and termination forms.



Have you dealt with the employee who knows how to do everything? Can you not teach that old dog a new trick, like listening to the person who signs the checks? We believe the work environment can teach us a lot about how we deal with these situations. In the pressurized environment of a workplace, we cannot be a disciplinarian all the time. We need our employees to listen and respond, without the entitlement attitude or indifference.

Many human resource personnel and small business owners know they can turn around insubordination if they handle it correctly. If an employee acts insubordinate consistently, then reprimands can solve the problem. Of course, not all employees turn around their attitude.

Management can handle Insubordination or disobedience by giving a written warning, docking pay, removing vacation time, or simply talking with the employee. The employee may see these actions as a warning sign of worse things to come, and rightfully so. A good business cannot run with employees that do not want to perform their work. A good business has employees that are willing to cooperate and do their job the best they can.

Can an Insubordinate be a Valuable Employee?

An insubordinate employee can hurt the morale and success of a business. But do these disobedient employees have another side to them? In one instance, an employee might be disobedient because of flawed policies and rules. If they are a popular and instrumental key to your workforce then you may give them heed and listen to their reasoning behind being insubordinate. It could lead you to understanding why the business is running not as smoothly as you would like. It could turn things around with performance, and then you are the wiser employer.

Many insubordinate employees have trouble with authority, which could be hard coded into them, or it could be a response to outside circumstances. Take the time to get to know your employees. By talking to them when they first are insubordinate, you may uncover key issues outside work that have soured their attitude and caused them to respond negatively.

Not all insubordination can be valuable. Most of the time insubordinate employees cause poor work performance, and bring down the morale of the work environment. By taking the time to personally get involved in the mechanics of the environment, you can weed out the bad attitude and foster growth of positive criticism.

A remarkably effective way to fire a difficult employee


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